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What's the problem?

Calipers and cylinders can be sleeved if the bores are corroded and then
rebuilt as normal. which process is usually cheaper and faster than =
replacements and then having them rebuilt - they also have the advantage
that the sleeves are commonly stainless or bronze which won=92t corrode =
the piston seals. (This is the usual reason lightly used cars get =
leaks - you get a little bit of corrosion forming in the bore around the
piston seal and the seal in turn picks up tiny loose particles of rust =
score the bore; the best cure is prevention - drive your car every few

The front calipers are pretty resistant to all but the worst abuse - =
you've separated the halves you can usually rescue apparent scrap units.
Strip, shot blast add sleeves and rebuild as usual and they'll be better
than new.=20

Now as to the master cylinder it looks as if one for a later series 1 =
will work if yours is beyond hope - there's lot of trade support for =
I do have some spare master cylinder castings (no internal workings) if =
want to try and rebuild one. =20


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Does anyone have a spare front brake caliper and Master cylinder for a =
P6 3500S?=20

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