[ROVERNET - UK] Starter & DeDion tube

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Aug 8 06:15:59 BST 2006

The axleshafts are fixed length, but the DeDion tube is not. Once the 
axles are unbolted, the entire rear susp on either side can be moved far 
enough to drop the halfshaft. Be careful about your jackstands, as the 
trailing arm/hub etc has to move sideways a bit If the stands are under 
the suspension, the car will have poor lateral location on the stands 
once the halfshafts are unbolted, so it is recommended to have stands 
under the base unit.

Or use the book method, which is to put rod in to the jacking points, 7/8" I think, and jack stands under them.  Works fine.


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