[ROVERNET - UK] Starter & DeDion tube

Nathan Obuch nathanobuch at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 01:34:44 BST 2006

    I sure hope that you are mistaken! It seems to run
far too smoothly to have no compression on one
cylinder (I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff,
especially on a 4 cyl)  and when it is NOT firing the
cranking speed is dead even- it doesn't have that
loping gait of a cylinder with no compression. Having
said that, anything is possible- I will check
compression and report the results back to you- might
be a while before I get over to where the car is
stored, but I'll let you know if you're curious!


--- Fletcher <gofanu at usachoice.net> wrote:

> Nathan-
> >3.) When cranking the car, the starter motor will
> >engage properly and crank the engine fine--
> however,
> >if the engine begins to fire, but does not catch,
> the
> >starter motor drops out of engagement and revs
> freely.
> > I have to wait for the starter motor to come to a
> >complete stop and then try cranking again. Is this
> a
> >gummy Bendix drive? Something else? Normal for this
> >car?
> >
> Not a result of gummy drive or missing teeth, This
> is usually a result 
> of very low compression on one cylinder, and I have
> found that Rovers 
> with a dead hole are especially prone to this.
> Normally a cylinder 
> fires, and the next cylinder resists turning as it
> comes up on 
> compression stroke. If a cylinder fires but the next
> cylinder has low 
> compression, the engine spins freely and kicks the
> drive out. Do a 
> compression test before anything else. If the car
> has been sitting, it 
> may have a stuck open valve which if you are very
> lucky you might free, 
> if you can figure out how to get penetrating oil to
> the valve stems 
> Generally that means pulling manifolds, but I have
> had sucess with 
> squirting a lot in the bad cylinder, then cranking
> the engine to blow 
> the PO up around the guides.Then let it sit
> overnight and try again. You 
> may be able to see a stuck valve through the plug
> hole with a good 
> light, You can positively determine if a valve is
> stuck by checking 
> valve clearances - if one has way too much
> clearance, that valve is 
> stuck. If you have this, call back for further
> dodges. If all valve 
> clearances are close to spec but a cyl has no comp,.
> then you have a 
> burned valve or worse.

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