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Thanks Aidrian

I've also heard about Apple Hydraulics and am considering sending my master
cylinder to them.

All the best.

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I know the manual says don't separate the font calipers but if it happens
they can be put back together if the shop has the right equipment and if
they were taken apart in the right way.

The reason for not undoing the bolts is that the seal between the two halves
relies on maintaining accurate mating surfaces and careful torquing when
reassembling - this is usually beyond the capabilities of most service
garages and home workshops.

Unless your mechanic was a real bodger he *should* have undone the bolts
with a reasonable amount of care by backing them off all equally until they
were loose and the castings *may* not have warped and the faces *should*
still be true.

If you are having a specialist sleeve the calipers, the shop would need to
separate them to bore and sleeve, so you may want to try having them rework
your existing calipers before splashing out on replacements.

Some of the Triumph guys in these parts use Apple Hydraulics for rebuilds
and they seem pretty happy.


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