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Best bet on the linkage is the pertinent pages of the manual. There 
are some settings that must be made using a feeler gauge. If you 
don't have a manual, I can fax or e-mail the pages in question.

As for the gasket, I can e-mail you an exact size template of the 
gasket. You need the thinnest gasket material you can find to make 
them from, the originals are something like .030" in thickness. 
thicker gaskets are prone to leak at the water passages, in my 
experience of trying it once with some .090" material that I had at 


>I am looking for carb manifold to head cylinder gaskets for my 69 2000 TC.
>Also, Does anyone have a nice picture of the carb throttle linkage for the
>same model?  I just rebuilt mine and forgot how they go.
>Tom C.
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