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I'm not disputing your opinion but would you be able to let us know a =
bit more? If you think the matter is so very sensitive, please feel free =
do it off list.

The reason for asking is that I need calipers and cylinder sleeved. I =
know a
couple of people who have had Triumph brakes done by them and they =
very happy, but I would like to know if the company has issues before I =
with more of my hard earned cash.

No disrespect intended to someone who knows his stuff and I understand =
need to protect others, but sometimes getting stuff out in the open is a =
better for the company concerned and their customers than relying on a
second hand vaguely stated opinion of some friends of someone on the =

If there's a specific issue then that can either be addressed by the =
firm or
their supporters; on the other hand, if it's a matter of ongoing shoddy
workmanship losing orders or substandard parts that really should be
identified as such.=20

Simply put saying "I paid them $200 to do a job and the sleeves were the
wrong size and fell out after 50 miles" is very specific - vague =
that not all is well don't really help either the seller or their =
customers about what might go wrong =20



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Hi Group,

I am not in the habit of putting down Rover associated companies, but I=20
have heard that a number of people have had problems with hydraulic=20
rebuilds from Apple Hydraulics.
White Post Restorations are a bit pricey but have a much better record.

Does anyone know if Stephen Beer is having his annual barbecue this=20
Labor Day?

Dermot Harvey
Spectral Kinetics

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