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Wed Aug 16 17:29:04 BST 2006

These guys look like winners. In particular, read their Brake FAQ and 
the explanation of their use of brass vs stainless, it is right on 
the money.

I too have heard a few nasty stories about Apple (many hearsay, but a 
couple specific cases I recall both involved improper assembly and/or 
ports left undrilled, in other words poor quality control. OTOH, I 
have heard a few about White Post as well and I got a pair of wheel 
cylinders from them some 20 years ago that were horrible quality as 


>--- Dermot Harvey <roverman2 at verizon.net> wrote:
>>  Hi Group,
>>  I am not in the habit of putting down Rover
>>  associated companies, but I
>>  have heard that a number of people have had problems
>>  with hydraulic
>>  rebuilds from Apple Hydraulics.
>>  White Post Restorations are a bit pricey but have a
>>  much better record.
>>  Does anyone know if Stephen Beer is having his
>>  annual barbecue this
>>  Labor Day?
>>  Dermot Harvey
>>  Spectral Kinetics
>>  O
>Try this place. I've had great results and they do
>wonderful work. Friendly helpful folks.
>       roland
>VX800 #21
>   Rover P5
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