[ROVERNET - UK] locking brakes

Gianni D'Ortenzio giannid at bigpond.com
Thu Aug 17 11:50:34 BST 2006

I have just done the rear brakes on the P5B coupe ( new linings and sleeved 
the cylinders only) and took it for a drive when the front and rear brakes 
locked on. Got it home by letting fluid out and then using the handbrake 
only. When I pump the pedal, with the motor off, it hardens up and the 
brakes lock all round, as if the fluid is only going one way. Any ideas as 
to what might be causing this?
Cheers Gianni
1948 Rover 75, P3 four light
1949 Rover 75, P3 six light
1969 Rover P5B coupe
1971 Rover P6B 3500
1974 Rover P6B 3500S

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