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Did they really produce Cortina's? I don't know about that. I know they made 
a model called the Stella which was compared to a Cortina many times over. 
But it wasn't a Cortina. The Stella was a FWD car and a Cortina was RWD.

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> For me, Hyundai came to mind. First, they produced Cortinas for Ford under 
> license. Later cars like the Excel entered the USA market and relied 
> heavily on Mitsubishi components that were a considered obsolete by 
> Mitsubishi. The initial quality was terrible, but they hung in there and 
> invested in their product. Now, they offer a long warranty have have a 
> pretty good reputation in the USA. I think that a car that is somewhat 
> long in the tooth would sell okay in the USA as long as the price is low 
> enough to set them apart. Hyundais fist offerings in the USA were in the 
> $7,000 range, which put them in competition with used cars with 
> substantial mileage on them. People then had a choice between a used car 
> and a brand new Hyundai, and that worked.
> I don't know if even a dated Rover design can be produced cheaply enough 
> to offer a similar price advantage, but the company certainly bought Rover 
> at clearance prices and never had to shell out for the development 
> expenses. If they were produced in China for Chinese wages, they could do 
> it. Making cars in the UK and USA will be much less profitable, I would 
> think.
> I just wonder what it will be like driving classic Rovers in the USA if 
> the Chinese use the Rover name here. The general population is confused 
> enough about what old Rovers are.
> Glen
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