[ROVERNET - UK] Rover brand name sold

Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Fri Aug 18 05:33:46 BST 2006

You're right Glen, Hyundai's first car was a Mk II Cortina built under 
licence from Ford! I think the Stellar was based on the final Ford 
Cortina Mk V ( known here in Oz as the TF series Cortina) which had 
Mitsubishi engines. I did think the Stellar was RWD though, but could 
easily be wrong!

Andrew E

Glen Wilson wrote:
> Ali Al-Abbasi wrote:
>> Did they really produce Cortina's? I don't know about that. I know 
>> they made a model called the Stella which was compared to a Cortina 
>> many times over. But it wasn't a Cortina. The Stella was a FWD car 
>> and a Cortina was RWD.
> Don't know for sure, Al, but I saw it in two separate places on the 
> net. Someone from the UK can probably confirm. There was some 
> indication that Hyundai had a connection with Kia, and I know that Kia 
> has produced cars in Korea for Ford (Festiva, for one).
> Glen
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