[ROVERNET - UK] Of Bearings and brake pads

Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 19 06:48:27 BST 2006

I would appreciate some help with cross referencing/local options: 

Car: 1970 'Federal' P6B.   I'm trying to find good quality replacement
front and rear wheel bearings.  I've just taken the front bearings out. 
The TIMKEN # for the inner (larger) bearing is LMj 67048, the is no # for
the outer (smaller bearing).     Are the bearing in the rear wheels
different, if so, what numbers and cross referencing would I be using for

Secondly, I need a set of  front wheel brake pads---it would be nice if
they had the wiring for the dash warning light, but not required.  Does
NAPA carry these? 

Any help would be appreciated.

Lance La Certe, Denver, CO
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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