[ROVERNET - UK] PartsAmerica stuff

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Aug 20 00:55:34 BST 2006

Ali Al-Abbasi wrote:
> I'm not sure where you live, but it appears that Beck/Arnley make a set
> Which is sold through advance auto parts
> http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail.aspx?mfrcode=BAR&mfrpartnumber=0820571&parttype=219&ptset=A 
Look under 1970 2000TC, 3500S (one or two things for the 1980 3500)

My God, they actually have remanufactured front Girling calipers for the 
2000TC for $70 each with pads. No pads for $59.

Not surprised that they don't have rear calipers since the car was 
designed to be traded in if the rear brakes needed work.

THOSE are worth checking out.

2000TC and 3500S front and rear pads (probably don't have 3500S wires, 

Got starters. Got alternators. Not got shocks.

There's a Carter inline electric fuel pump supposedly to fit the TC and 
3500S that actually looks like it might work in a pinch.

Some suggested oil filters.  Belts for the 3500S. Batteries.

Would you believe upper and lower ball joints for the TC?

Some bearings and U-joints. Thermostats. Sadly, no exhaust parts.

Clutch slave rebuild kit for TC.

Remanufactured distributor!  Plugs, cap, rotor, points.

Trigger module for Crane XR700 Points-To-Electronic Ignition Conversion 
Kit & power module

Floor-mounted dimmer switch.

Some seals for Bw35 and manual trans. BW35 trans rebuild kits.

Front and rear wheel bearings! (well, they list them right there...)

Rear axle shaft bearings (?)

Wiper blades.


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