[ROVERNET - UK] Rovers and LPG gas conversion

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Sun Aug 20 10:42:41 BST 2006

>Can Rovernetters please offer their views on LPG conversion?  What about
>space issues? (I have a P6B).

I don't know if any of our members have converted a P6 but certainly
we have P5Bs and SD1s on our books that have been converted to LPG

The Govt subsidy certainly changes the economics on converting. Pay
back comes much sooner. 

My main concern in the long term is one of macro economic pricing and
supply and demand for automotive LPG. This aspect has not been
discussed very much here in oz.

Many WA members coming to the Rove this year Peter?


Peter H

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