[ROVERNET - UK] I need the wisdom of RoverNet!

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What advance is the spark set to?
N9Y work if you aren't pushing HARD.


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Interesting problem on my 2000TC.

We had a trip two monthes ago and on the trip back the I noticed a loss of 
power on the highway. It had started idling pretty roughly in traffic and 
the accelaration was rather flat across the range.

I found the king lead from the coil to the dizzie was arcing at the coil 
right onto the mouting. I wasn't sure how old the all the HT leads were so 
replaced them all with a new set. To my surprise the arcing was still there. 
It was then I noticed the hairline crack in the coil's bakerlite nose. I 
have a new one on the way and have put some insulating grease around the 
nose as a stop gap until the new one arrives.

I decided to check the ignition timing while I was at it and set that to the 
correct mark. (I use a lead substitute so I haven't noticed any 
pinking/pinging). I checked the spark plugs only to find that the previous 
owner's mechanic had fitted N9Y sparks instead of N6Y. I regapped them to 
0.025" (they were 0.040") and the with timing I now have idle down at the 
specified 800 RPM. The torque and responsiveness has returned somewhat but 
feel like it had more 'umph' before. Any ideas?

By the way I had fitted new-old-stock carbs' and the car was running very 
well before. I did a compression test on all cylinders and got 
165-160-155-155, I know that the factory manual says that I should get a 
minium of 170psi but I feel that if the compressions had dropped more on one 
or two cylinders I would be thinking head gasket or damaged valve seat.

I look forward to any pointers.


Steven Dibdin

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