[ROVERNET - UK] Rove 06

Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Mon Aug 21 03:29:55 BST 2006

Jumping in...

Not sure the exact number, but I think the WAROC Pres Bill Campton is 
going along with Past Pres Trevor & Lyn Tyrrell. I think Mal Miller and 
John Bailey may also be going but I'm not certain. As far as I know I 
don't think any cars are going over, but I hope I'm wrong!

On another thread Peter, how come the registration plates of members' 
and other cars are removed when posted on the web? Is it a privacy issue 
or is there big money in rebirthing Rovers on the east coat!

Andrew E

Peter Huttemeier wrote:
>> Can Rovernetters please offer their views on LPG conversion?  What about
>> space issues? (I have a P6B).
> I don't know if any of our members have converted a P6 but certainly
> we have P5Bs and SD1s on our books that have been converted to LPG
> successfully.
> The Govt subsidy certainly changes the economics on converting. Pay
> back comes much sooner. 
> My main concern in the long term is one of macro economic pricing and
> supply and demand for automotive LPG. This aspect has not been
> discussed very much here in oz.
> Many WA members coming to the Rove this year Peter?
> Cheers,
> Peter H
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