[ROVERNET - UK] Email from Sierra re: brakes (girling) SC2000 1969

birdie birdies at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 21 19:55:16 BST 2006

Hello, Kathleen. 

Your calipers appear to be of the design for which sleeving is not
beneficial. See our website at


for information on the different types of calipers.

If you are looking for a turnkey solution I recommend John Slipper at
Goldline Brakes ( www.goldlinebrakes.com ), but I doubt if he'll be
cheaper than the Cardone rebuilds.

We can almost certainly sleeve your master cylinder, and probably save
you money. We do a fair number of Rover masters, but they are rarely
identified as to application, so I don't know from your model what
cylinder it has. Generally speaking, if it is an older (about '68 or
earlier) single circuit master cylinder, the charge for sleeving is
$75. If it's a later model dual circuit, with two lines out, the
charge for sleeving is $85.

Complete rebuilding including sleeving is typically $125 and $145
respectively for single and dual circuit masters, but I will have to
get the year model from you and be sure of my cost for the rebuild
parts. Some foreign car rebuild kits cost more than my typical charge,
so I have to be careful quoting them.

Get back to me if you have more questions.

Thanks for your inquiry.


-- Heather & Joe Way Sierra Specialty Automotive Brake cylinders sleeved 
with brass Gus Wilson Stories http://www.brakecylinder.com

birdie wrote:

> Just got an email from parts America. They do not have the Rover 
> girling reman calipers as stated on their website.
> Not in stock nor could they find any.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> QTY  Part#         Description                   Unit Price  Total Price
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  1  A1C17305      BOLT-ON READY C                   $70.99       $70.99
>  1  A1C17306      BOLT-ON READY C                   $70.99       $70.99
> ========================================================================
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