[ROVERNET - UK] Split DeDion Boot.

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Thanks James - I've got the boot & seals, just haven't had the time/energy, etc.  Black plastic . . . . like what a Hefty bag is made from?  That sounds good to me right now.

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>I'm trying to figure out a way to get up from SC!  I may trailer the car 
>(no abuse please - it goes against a strong belief of mine to trailer, but 
>I'll have my 4 year old daughter with me, and I have been afraid to drive 
>the car in the rain b/c the DeDion boot is split, and I don't want to risk 
>gettting water in the axle).
>I have a couple of dealership flags that I'll bring - one blue & while & 
>one green with white letters & ship logo.
As a temporary measure I wrapped black plastic and held it on with tape on 
the De Dion tube on my Rover 2000 auto. This temporary measure lasted 8 
years. The car was then 31 years old, and the shock absorbers felt like it 
also, as they were original. So when I had the shock absorbers replaced I 
had the rubber boot replaced, and the oil seals as well. The temporary 
measure was in place for about 30000 miles, with no ill affects. In fact a 
mechanic who specialised in Rovers suggested it to me.  It would need 
re-tapping about once a year, so about every second oil change. You can buy 
the rubber boot and oil seals from Scotts Old auto rubber in Melbourne 

James Radcliffe.

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