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As the reasonably proud owner of one of those, I'd like to know as well.  Also, I have no opinion on what it should be called - whatever suits the majority.

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These questions always stir up lots of dust!

James Taylor uses the terms "New Look" "Series II" and "Mark II" to 
describe the P6's with the plastic egg-crate grille. He explains that 
the Rover engineers called the cars "Mark II" P6's, the PR people called 
them "New Look" P6's, bu that the dealers and the public called them 
"Series II" P6's even though the factory never used that nomenclature. 
In the production figure section of the book, the terminology used is 
for the 222 cars made for the USA market is "2000TC Mk II Federal LHD"  
The picture in the book of one of these cars simply refers to it as a 
1971 Federal 2000TC in the picture caption.

I would guess that "2000TC Mk II Federal LHD" would be the official 
factory designation for what we got in the States.

Do you guys in countries that got lots of later cars call them "Series 
II" cars, or what?


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