[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Nomenclature Question

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Tue Aug 22 03:30:39 BST 2006


These are rare cars in the USA, and Jim has spent a lot of time and 
money preserving his Mark II that he could have spent on something more 
"trendy" on the US British car show scene. I think he appreciates the 
historical significance of the car and he's planning on bringing it 
maybe 400 miles each way to share it with us at the show in Maryland, so 
I don't think "reasonably" is meant to reflect badly on the car.


Ray wrote:
> Jim,
> I have to ask, why are you only a 'reasonably' proud owner? On the question
> as to what the later cars are called; it doesn't really bother me either
> way. I would refer to mine as a 1976 model and if prompted further, just say
> it has the plastic grille.
> Ray Wilkins
> 1976 P6B
> Melbourne Australia
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> As the reasonably proud owner of one of those, I'd like to know as well.
> Also, I have no opinion on what it should be called - whatever suits the
> majority.

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