[ROVERNET - UK] Starters - for SC2000

birdie birdies at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 22 08:17:34 BST 2006

Ok, the starter is coming off my SC2000. It doesn't work...probably the 
selenoid or ?

I've been told there are two kinds with different bolting patterns - so, 
will know soon which one.

 From Southern California....

Anyone know best place to send it out for a rebuild?

How much should that cost


Should I find a new decent one?

I have a quote for a complete rebuild for $315.00 here in LA, but think 
I should be able to do better.

Or, is that in thae ballpark?

Also, got a quote on cleaning and power coating the gas tank for $275.00 
plus $300.00 labor.


So,  I am going to go with just getting it cleaned out!


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