[ROVERNET - UK] I need the wisdom of RoverNet!

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 22 13:23:53 BST 2006

Good Point Ron,

I hadn't considered that.


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>Subject: RE: [ROVERNET - UK] I need the wisdom of RoverNet!
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>At 07:18 AM 06-08-21, Steve D wrote:
>>" ...............
>>I forgot to try putting some oil in the bores to see if the lower 
>>compression is piston rings or valve seating related. Task for one evening 
>>this week or next weekend.
>    ......................."
>         Yes, but don't forget that the combustion chambers are in the tops 
>of the pistons. If you get oil into these you will raise the compression 
>ratio and get a higher pressure reading without necessarily having sealed 
>the rings.
>                                                 Regards,
>                                                         Ron V.
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