[ROVERNET - UK] P6 2000 Front Calipers on the web, etc

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Aug 25 00:01:04 BST 2006

There are various auto retailers who list the entire catalog of their 
distributors on their websites. PartsAmerica.com (Advance Auto Parts, 
Kragen, etc) does this with a company named Cardone which rebuilds all 
sorts of hydraulics, pumps and steering racks. I think they are a decent 
company in the remanufacturing field. Unfortunately, while the 2000 
front calipers are in their catalog, they don't have any on the shelf to 
be rebuilt and may not had them for years. So, a lot of places with 
extensive online catalogs may show some interesting parts, but they 
don't really exist. Still, you have to check on a part by part basis. 
PartsAmerica does, in fact, have Lucas starters for the SD1 that have 
been rebuilt by Autolite for only $111 plus $33 core charge (what a pain 
it would be to ship the core back for credit). These starters have to be 
ordered online and shipped direct to you, not to one of the 
participating retailers.


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