[ROVERNET - UK] Rover hub caps in Adelaide.

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>Hi all Oz viewers ...
>Sorry about the cross post, but has anyone got any OEM bits to
>help a historic restore on a 3.5 P6B?
>I have already replaced the HEI dizzy shown in the pix above - busted
>it's bearings.
>I am after OEM alternator, wheels/hubcaps and a decent interior.
>South Oz
For Hubcaps there is a wrecker in the block that is between grand junction 
road, and south road, on the North west side of this intersection south of 
the railway line. I think that the name is Prestige auto dismantlers, but I 
am not 100% sure. They have an Adelaide listing in the yellow pages though. 
They had a whole crate of Rover hubcaps a few years ago. I found a set there 
in good condition.

Triumph Rover spares at Lonsdale may have some also.


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