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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 26 17:35:56 BST 2006

1971 is a tricky year to answer the question.
At some point the top of the gearbox was modified and
a solid aluminum extension was added to better brace
the gear change mechanism.  That is removed easily

For example, your 1968 gearbox will have a steady rod
between the gearbox and the gearchange mechanism.

If the 1971 gearbox has not been modified with the
extension, it's a straight swap.  Otherwise, you can
remove the extension and retro-fit the rod you have on
the older gearbox. If you do that, you will have to
source 6 coarse bolts to bolt down the top of the
gearbox (15 foot pounds torque) as the extension used
special studs.

You should be in good shape with the late gearbox.

If you can source a clutch withdrawal bearing (thrust
bearing), it would be a good idea to refit a new
bearing in case there was a whine when the clutch
pedal was depressed.  This is the time to make that
change.  Think of how annoyed you'd be if you
installed the gearbox only to hear that whine.


--- Gordon Harrower <griffo at comcast.net> wrote:

> My gearbox saga continues, and I'd like to consult
> the more 
> knowledgeable.  I'm prepared to rebuild the gearbox
> on my 1968 TC 
> (gearbox suffix F), and have bought the necessary
> parts from Pierre.  
> Meanwhile, someone has offered me a functional
> gearbox from a 1971 TC.  
> Are there major differences or improvements in the
> later 'box?  Will it 
> fit in my '68?  Gordon.
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