[ROVERNET - UK] Bonnet repair

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Would a stud welder work on a aluminium bonnet though?

If there is enough room to get a old leaf from a leaf spring (as in live 
axle) behind the dent you may be able to use that and a dolly to get the 
dent back to somewhere reasonable. Then skim with bondo. Bear in mind you 
will have less trouble with sinks in the paint finish if you bondo then 
filler-prime. There's agood basic book on panel beating from practical 


Hope that helps somewhat. Also remember that ally doesn't like to be bent 
too much, it work hardens quite quickly.



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>There is another way to pull the dent instead of drilling holes. The tool 
>to use is a stud welder. This welds small nail looking things to the area 
>to be pulled. A special slide hammer is then used to pull the dent. After 
>this is done a small grinder knocks off the stud. No hole to fill. Stud 
>welders are available from Harbor Freight for around $120 normally. You can 
>find them on e-bay from harbor freight also. If you select a body shop, I 
>would ask if they have such a tool. These are great for inaccessible areas.
>Minimal heat is applied, so no warping.
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>>Anyone have any tips on bonnet repair.
>>My original was rather mucked up at a body repair shop as they used ALOT 
>>of bondo on the nose....
>>So, I found a used one...has a knuckle sized ding in the nose, but is also 
>>popped up abit on one side of the nose 'round where the "line" comes down 
>>the bonnet to the nose....in otherwords, from dead center - over about 6". 
>>Instead of being inset below that line, it's popped up and it looks like 
>>the whole front passenger side is tweaked just a little.....
>>I could take pictures.
>>But, in terms of....technique....I know they can't hammer around the nose 
>>area as it is rolled.  Can they put nails in and pull? I don't think it 
>>can be heated...
>>Any ace body shop people in Southern California I could take it too?
>>It's not bad...but...I think it is going to be pretty tricky.
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