[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Restoration Recommendations, and some important questions.

Paul Smith vmitps at netspace.net.au
Tue Aug 29 11:35:55 BST 2006

     First, place a liberal amount of body wax under each sill plate
     as one installs them.  Water has a nasty habit of creeping under
     then, causing hidden rust.

Are we speaking about the outer sills under the doors?

The stainless steel plates that are on the body just inside the door rubber.

Or about the inner sills?
Or about what?
Do you put used oil or smthg like this ( wax) inside inner sills?
Jag owners did this, their cars were very prone to rust and in acceleration
and breaking liquid oil went around everywere inside the tin boxes to
lubrificate everything to prevent from rust.

     Second, when one removes the rear panel from below the rear
     backlight, take off the rubber plate retainer and have it gold
     plated, to stop the rust.

Are we speaking about the light of the rear wing, and about the related

He means the rear windscreen!  Pommy term.  Thus the decker panel that has
the petrol filler cap in it.

And what do you do exactly?

     Third, remove all door gaskets insuring that there's no rust.
     If so, take care of it.  Then apply body wax to the door gasket
     retaining strip.  This will make the installation of the door
     gaskets easy to install, as well as stop the rust.

"door gaskets" means the door rubbers.


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