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Tue Aug 29 12:07:39 BST 2006

Gianluca,hello.At least the Graber coupes are easy to replicate(Perhaps this
is a new definition of the word easy!)I knowthat I've started mine based on
a1970 2000TC ,like the first one.Does anyone out there have any more
information on these cars?Cheers ,David Walker
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> Ruotolo Gianluca (DD) wrote:
> > It was difficult at that time to attempt at E - type primate, see for
example tne beautiful but unsuccessful Jensen Interceptor, which is nowadays
quite rare.
> >
> > Best regards, Gianluca.
> A couple (or three) thoughts:
> 1. It's unfortunate that business considerations limited our choices.
> 2. I reminds me of what a brilliant addition the Datsun 240Z was to the
> market. Great performance, low price, smooth engine and not bad styling,
> either. Somebody got that one right. It was a fully fleshed out concept
> that had a lot more market research and development money around it than
> Rover probably was capable of. The P6BS was typically innovative, but it
> was really just some machine the boys were tinkering with in the back
> 3. The Graber coupes should have been produced.
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