R: [ROVERNET - UK] P6 Restoration Recommendations, and some import ant questions.

sspmilr at netzero.net sspmilr at netzero.net
Wed Aug 30 05:44:59 BST 2006

Hi Gianluca:

The sill plates are the plates that on see's when entering or exiting
the interior of the car.  They are silver stainless steel plates. 
Driver's door, LHD, Part No. 364625.  Apply body wax.  Then install

The decker panel with the metal plates (Part No. 367826) that retain
the lower rear window rubber seal.  Have these plates galvinized.

The door seals are the seals that keep the elements out of the interior
of the car.  Driver's door (LHD), Part No. 364072.  Apply body was in
the retaining metal strips.

Hope this answers your questions.


Peter Miller

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