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Dear Vern,

	which kind of sealing compound do you use to install and re - install them?

Thanks, best regards, Gianluca.

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The seals are reuseable if they are in good condition. make sure to 
clean any old sealing compound from the seal before you reinstall.


>Dear friends,
>		as you know I'm restoring the car, and on Saturnday the coachbuilder 
>should dismantle the windshield and the rear window.
>I saw on the manual that the system to put in place these glasses is 
>quite different from normal ones.
>This is the question: in these cases, according to your experience, is 
>there a seal you are compelled to change , or if in good conditioons 
>they can be used again?
>My seals are very good and were probably changed the last time the car 
>was painted by the previous owner.
>Any suggestion is welcome.
>Best regards, Gianluca.
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