[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6B rear brake hoses

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Fri Dec 1 20:43:01 GMT 2006

Not the material, just the form. Custom for the job, so to speak.

In a pinch, you could have a machinist make a set, probably end up 
being something crazy like $40 each from a CNC outfit if you supplied 
them at least one for a pattern.


>Hi Vern
>Are you saying these bolts are now made of unobtanium?
>Vern Klukas wrote:
>>Eric is correct about the conical depressions in the rear plate.
>>Not to say that the bolts are Grade 5, I actually suspect they are 
>>a higher grade than that but I wouldn't want to find out that they 
>>aren't, as that would mean some sort of failure of what are now 
>>probably unavailable bolts.
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