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Dear friends,

		this is a message from Ian Glass, our friends who reads us but cannot send mails, about the Jet 1, the gas turbine car.

It' s very interesting and tells us something more.

Best regards, Gianluca.

The car shown is the first turbine, which was driven by Spen King on the Jabekke Highway in Belgium at 152 mph in 1952. The car is in the Science Museum.
Subsequently a saloon was built, but it caught fire. This was followed by the pretty coupe T3, and then a P6 lookalike the T4.
Then there was the Rover BRM which raced at Le Mans.
T3, T4, and the BRM are in the Heritage Museum at Gaydon.
Spen King is very much alive (he also designed the Range Rover, and was involved with P6 and SD1), and he also was involved in the Marauder project, as well as buliding and racing a single seater racing car in 1946.
I am lucky enough to own that racer!

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Is it the gas turbine one?
I remember it was produced also a T3 coupè, it was said to be the fastest car of the world at that time. Also an English prince of the royal family could have driven - as reported on newspapers, and read on books - it.

Thanks, gianluca.

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>From a period newsreel. Worth seeing:



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