[ROVERNET - UK] More for sale

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Thu Dec 7 21:59:21 GMT 2006

Well hi again Rover folks, 

     I still haven't gotten to my big stash of parts to get the inventory
going but here are a few things I just had hanging around. 

    P5 windshield wiper motor, Brand new in the box ,
    Rover Part # 380024
    Lucas Part #  75473

    This unit even comes with the little bag of rubber mounts ,washers and

    I was going to list this on ebay as a no reserve auction but with a
starting bid of $200.00 plus shipping . 
    I will hold off on doing so until Monday if anyone here is interested
for the price of $200.00 plus what ever the shipping will be. First person
to say yes and get the money here gets it.

    Additionally I have a brand new, in the Rover wrapper, anti slip mat(
Rover simply calls it a Rubber mat) for the top of the parcel shelf on a
P6 or P6b. I haven't unwrapped it but it appears to be perfect.  ROVER
PART # IS 365991. any one out there want it, $50.00 takes it or else I
will post it to ebay on Monday. Shipping would be additional. 
    Either one of the above items could be shipped virtually anywhere in
the USA for under $20.00 

    Lastly I have 2 BRAND NEW in the box P4 STARTERS These fit the early
model 75 saloons .( Additionally they fit LandRovers  of the early 50s
vintage with the early IOE engine)  LUCAS PART# IS 25514. These are the
rather large starters with the long nose. The starters are secured to the
car by means of a set bolt going in through the side rather than the
normal way of bolting up a flange. As I said these are brand new( NOT
REMAN units) tested and in the original boxes. These same starters are
listed with Wadhams as only available rebuilt and at that they are 100.00
Pounds. (About $190.00 plus Shipping from the UK) I will as usual list
these on ebay afer Monday for $225.00 each plus shipping on a no reserve
auction with the starting bit being 225.00 High bidder gets it. ( a bit
more shipping than usual most likely because these are heavy ) if no one
here wants either of them .  First 2 people to say yes and get the money
here gets them.

     Thats it for now, there will be more soon, Thanks for your time. 

Pete McArdle   631 725 3921        or fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us


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