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Gipping or not, the rubber front shelf must be in the Rover gene. My 
Sterling has the exact same shelf and rubber.
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    Additionally I have a brand new, in the Rover wrapper, anti slip mat(
Rover simply calls it a Rubber mat) for the top of the parcel shelf on a
P6 or P6b. I haven't unwrapped it but it appears to be perfect.  ROVER
PART # IS 365991. any one out there want it, $50.00 takes it or else I
will post it to ebay on Monday. Shipping would be additional.

I have mats for the dash shelves in 2 cars.  I do not know if they are the 
Rover anti-slip, but I do know they are next to useless at stopping things 
I bought a roll of grip rubber from Chickenfeed here (el cheapo shop) and 
glued it on.  Works perfectly.  $2 plus glue.


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