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Ben, Rudiger, and Steve,

I also have one - from the bit I know I think Steve's list is pretty complete.  My car came w/o the Icealert - I have one I need to install.

A couple of dozen, huh - that is remarkable!

Mine needs a tune-up.  I think that the gent who had it before me (for all but 6 months of his life) painted over the timing marks on the crank pulley when he cleaned up the engine bay.  I also can't find the little pointer that the book shows sticking out of the block just above the pulley - probably haven't looked hard enough.  I shouldn't do those things at night when I'm tired.



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Ben and Rudiger,

My father (Hank, also on this list) has two of  these Federal Series II 
2000TC's in Syracuse, NY, so we have researched them a bit.  I believe I 
have read somewhere that production was cut short and that some of the 
222 produced were sold in Europe, i.e. never shipped to the States or 
shipped back again.   Most likely, Ben, your car is one of those sold in 
Europe, though Rudiger's idea of a member of the US or Canadian military 
buying it in Europe with the intent to shipping to North America is 
possible too.

It's surprising that so many of the 222 still survive.  I think we must 
have come across a couple dozen of them in North America.

The Federal aspects of the car include the tandem circuit brakes, side 
reflectors and turn signal repeaters, turn signals under the front 
bumper, ambla seats with unusual basket weave pattern on the pleats, 
icelert (late-type plastic one mounted on the front splash panel below 
the bumper), emission control parts like carbon canister and various 
extra carburetor do-dads, brackets front and rear for US/Canadian style 
license plates, VIN number tag rivetted to the trim cap on the driver's 
door, "wood" rim steering wheel, wood gear lever knob, rear seat 
belts... am I forgetting anything else?

--Steve Manwell

RoverP6 at gmx.de wrote:

>Hello Ben,
>please see page 131 of James Taylors P6 book (photo)
>Not 238 but 222 examples of 435-series were manufactured, see Taylor book page 180 "total built".
>Rover left the US market in 1971, perhaps this is the reason for such a low total of 435-serie.
>43500109A originally came from Germany? First owner -> US Army ?
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>>Hi Folks
>>            I have a question regarding the series two TC's of 1971 vintage.
>>Looking at James Taylors Book "The Classic Rovers" It lists the TC with a
>>serial number starting 43500 as a Federal TC. Export LHD. a total of only
>>238 were produced??? I'm in the process of buying 43500109A, which
>>originally came from Germany, anyone have info on why would it be considered
>>a federal TC and why so low production figures, perhaps Rudiger will have an
>>                                                           Regards  Ben.
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