[ROVERNET - UK] Series 2 in North America

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Sat Dec 9 15:11:27 GMT 2006

Hi Nathan,

The 2200 was never formally sold by Rover North America in either Canada 
or the US.  The first Series IIs were 2000's and 3500's.  By the time 
the 2200 was introduced in 1973, Rover had gotten out of the North 
American market (in 1971).

Eric and others have bored out their 2000 blocks to use 2200 pistons, 
so, yes -- I believe the 2200 block is basically a bored out 2000.  I 
don't know the details of other limited changes.


Nathan Obuch wrote:

>    All this discussion about series 2 cars has me
>wondering- was the Rover p6 2200 ever imported to
>Canada?  I know we didn't get them here in USA. 
>Also, was the 2200 simply an overbored 1978cc block,
>or a different animal altogether? The stroke appears
>to be the same.
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