[ROVERNET - UK] P6 choke cable

Tomas Börjeson tmastaff at tripnet.se
Fri Dec 15 17:48:32 GMT 2006


The "hold" comes from the shape of the stiff 
first part of the wire behind the handle and the 
hole in the fixing. If it doesn't hold this is 
worn. I've had this problem myself and it is very 
difficult to do anything about it. The only 
reliable fix is a new cable. They are available, 
even if you may get one with the wrong handle 
shape. (On my P6 Rovers I have had at least four different variants.)


At 21:53 2006-12-14, you wrote:
>Mine no longer "holds" for about a centimetre of travel; it does hold
>further out.
>How can I fix it?
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