[ROVERNET - UK] P6 choke cable

Tomas Börjeson tmastaff at tripnet.se
Sat Dec 16 14:25:00 GMT 2006

Hi again,

I forgot to say that if the travel and cable 
length is sufficient you could simply slack it 
off a centimeter at the carb end. It will then 
work normally, just a bit further "out". (This 
depends on the choke linkage and the fast idle which differs).

I checked and J.R. Wadhams doesn't seem to stock 
these cables. The cable itself is a generic type 
used on many different british cars. what differs 
is the knob type and the length. MG specialists 
have these cables as they are used on MGBs. You 
can usually get cables with the round knob used 
on later P6s. It may have the wrong symbol, but 
this can be exchanged by prying out the clear 
plastic cover and substituting your old one (if 
this is the same shape). Length should not be a 
problem as long as it isn't too short to begin 
with. It's easy to shorten the cable.


At 21:53 2006-12-14, you wrote:
>Mine no longer "holds" for about a centimetre of travel; it does hold
>further out.
>How can I fix it?
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