[ROVERNET - UK] Help!!!! Rover V8 Motor Question

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Dec 18 15:44:42 GMT 2006

Thank you, Paul.  You are quite correct, and this is not 
as straightforward as it might be since no single manual 
covers the procedure in one place.

1)Remove head bolts by slackening in stages in the 
following order (this is to avoid warping the heads) and 
note the length of each bolt.

       8   12   14   10   6
       5     9   13   11   7
          3     4     2     1
     If you must reuse the same bolts, discard the bottom 
row.  Clean bolts and bolt holes immediately with solvent 
as some applications (NAS SD1's at least) have sealant 
 that will harden when exposed to air.  Do not reuse bolts 
if you can avoid it.  NEVER use the late model stretch 
bolts('95 up)

2) Purchase head stud kit for pre-'95 Rover V8(ARP or 
If heads will be machined (any kind of valve work), have 
the machine shop spot face the tops of the cylinder head 
bolt holes so that the surface where the machine washer 
will sit will be parallel to the deck surface.

3)Using only the top 10 bolt holes, install lightly oiled 
studs at 10 lb. ft. being mindful of the appropriate 
length of each stud and remembering not to install the 
bottom row.

4) Position gasket, head and machine washers.  Install 
lightly oiled nuts hand tight, then torque in stages to 66 
lb.ft. (I use increments of 15 lb.ft.-15,30,45,66 ) in the 
following sequence.  Note that the sequence for 10 and 14 
bolt heads is the same  since the bottom row is removed 
first and installed last in 14 bolt applications.

    7   3   1   5   9
   10  6   2   4   8

This information is based on Land Rover publications LRL 
0164 and LRL 0004 plus a few of my own prejudices.

Kent K.

On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 15:14:51 +1100
  "Paul Smith" <Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au> wrote:
> and Range Rover neoprene rocker cover gaskets.  Be sure 
> leave out the bottom row of head bolts and torque the 
> heads according to post '95 specs (ten bolts per side 
> only).

> This is as usefully cryptic as the software from 
>Microsoft - what is the torque/pattern...
> rather than leaving us awake at night wondering how we 
>can find out...
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