[ROVERNET - UK] Help!!!! Rover V8 Motor Question

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Mon Dec 18 18:51:26 GMT 2006

David Sheuring wrote:

>Good Morning,
>I guess I should had been more specific about
>something here. I am back in college with 2 teenagers
>so money is a bit stretch.
>So, I should have asked for the least expensive repair
>parts price. I know that there are so many ways to
>increase and to modify but I just want to get the car
>back running 
Let me just send you a pair of SD1 heads as a Christmas present. You pay 
freight only and you can use them as long as they last.  No guarantees 
except that they came off a running engine.  I will probably have to 
junk a bunch of them the next time I move anyway.  I have far more than 
I will ever need.  Consider it to be part of the Rover Research 
Foundation scholarship program.  They do use different spark plugs.

Give me a shipping address.

Kent K.

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