[ROVERNET - UK] lubricating heater motor

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at san.rr.com
Sun Dec 31 22:28:46 GMT 2006

I'm dredging some brain sludge out of the tanks here which hasn't been
filtered for content and complete truthfulness, but from memory the =
bearings are sintered bronze and need to be oiled rather than greased. =
oil penetrates the porous bearing material and keeps things running =
while grease just sits on the surface.=20

If you can check the bearings and see what they are made of - it=92s =
possible bearing materials changed over the years depending on the parts
supplier in use at the time=20


>>I've removed my 3500s heater blower to clean and re-lube, and am =20
wondering if anyone can recommend the lubricant I should use for the =20
shaft and bearing cups? Light oil is generally what has been =20
suggested on the web, but I noticed a small amount of grease in the =20
cup, and wonder if oil is correct? Grease, it seems to me, would =20
congeal and cause the motor to over-work in cold weather, but there's =20
nothing in the design of this motor housing to keep oil in, or to add =20
oil without removing the unit.<<=20

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