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Yep, the auto driveshaft will work fine. You also need a manual bell
housing and of course the console panel for the gearshift lever (I used
a Speco chrome plate and boot).  When installing the clutch master
cylinder it's a good idea to strengthen the bulkhead in that area as
over time it seems the firewall can begin to flex and crack around the
cylinder. I put in a couple of small steel plates either side of the
firewall where the cylinder is mounted. I also recommend using new
gearbox mounting rubbers which are available from Rimmers.


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Hi Dermot,

I changed a couple of SD1's to from automatic to 5 speeds. It's very
straight forward. It is a case of changing the pedals, adding the clutch
master cylinder, flywheel, clutch and the transmission. I believe the
auto driveshaft will work. 

Also note that the spigot bush (the brass bush that sits in the
crankshaft) is different for the automatic and manual. You must change
it otherwise the input shaft of the transmission will wobble and eat the
bearing. The clutch will also shutter. Let me know if you need some
hints on getting the bush out.

Good luck with it.

Andrew Moss
Ottawa, Canada   

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