[ROVERNET - UK] Acid dipped

steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 9 12:28:47 GMT 2006

Smokey's speed tricks (and carbon-fibre FF motors) always inspired me...  He 
cheated, he inovated, he was the lawyer of the fab shop interpreting rules 
with wild creativity. He also made a roll cage into a fuel tank. Now that 
takes guts, though a guy would have to be distracted about it while going 
180 mph. Those were the days when racing, NASCAR,  drag, and all were 
exciting. Concept cars like the Taladega and Daytona, 3 duece mopars and 
cross-ram Chevys. Now I tape NASCAR, watch in fast forward, and when I see 
smoke, I slow it down. The guys racing with their travel trailers in tow are 
more fun to watch. I look forward to "Pinks" this month.

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