[ROVERNET - UK] 1929 Rover 10/25 Saloon For Sale

John Burkhard burkhaj at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 15 21:05:51 GMT 2006

In north east Nevada, near Elko there is a 1929 Rover 10/25 Saloon For 
Sale.  The car requires a complete restoration.  As I understand most all 
of the parts are there.  I have not seen the car or for that mater been to 
Elko.  For a photo of a 10/25 in the Nederland's go to 
www.trouw-vervoer.nl/rover . For further information contact Mike & Marcia 
Davis at :
    lamoille at ctnis.com
    PO Box 281620
    Lamoille, NV 89828

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