[ROVERNET - UK] Saloon / Sedan / Hardtop ???

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Hey Glen,

It is nice to have you back contributing. How goes the education thing? 
Don't forget, the three best things about teaching are June, July and 

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> Gundry, Kenneth wrote:
>> My car was described simply as the
>> five-seater, as opposed to several versions of the saloon (hard-top
>> sedan in American, I think) and two and four seat sports models.
> I don't remember if Steve Manwell had any input on choosing the name Rover 
> Saloon Touring Club of America for our club, or if it was down to me. I 
> don't even think the potentially humorous play on words re touring saloons 
> (i.e. drinking establishments) occurred to me until after the name was 
> chosen. I think that I was influenced by the British Automobile Touring 
> Association of Nova Scotia and the British Saloon Car Club of Canada.
> The point of this posting is that I am always amazed that so many car 
> people in the USA have never heard the automotive term "saloon" before 
> they encounter our club in some listing. Sometimes they call looking for 
> some sort of "salon" for classic cars. I put the word in there to 
> distinguish it from all of the Land Rover 4WD clubs there are in the USA 
> and the web. I still hear from people who want to sell or buy Range 
> Rovers.  I might have said "Rover Sedan" but "Rover Saloon" seemed more 
> appropriate and sounded a little bit artsy. I suppose words like 
> "cabriolet" would stump the same people except for the sale of VW 
> drop-tops over here.
> Anyway, that's my thought for the day...
> Glen
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