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Sands sands2005 at home00.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 20:08:53 GMT 2006

G'day Gayle,
                     a 'pommy basher' is someone who knocks, has a lend 
of (at their expense), sledges, has a go at, digs or pokes (verbally), 
anyone of pommy (that is to say British) extraction.....especially in 
the field of sport, especially rugby (union or league) and more 
especially cricket. If a pom migrates to Australia he/she can expect to 
take a lot of ribbing in the workplace (especially at times of 
heightened emotion such as during a test series at either cricket or 
rugby). If they can take it in good grace and give back in equal measure 
they'll soon be accepted as an alright bloke (or sheila....though sheila 
seems to be going out of use a bit these days)....the same goes for just 
about any nationality in Australia. Folk from America are often refered 
to as septics (sounds derogatory, but its not meant to). Any Aussie 
bloke worth his salt will often greet his best mate with, 'Ow ya gowen, 
you old bastard!' Again sounds insulting but isn't.
       Incidentally the four Australian horsemen of the apocalypse are...
'Ken flies, 'Ken dust, 'Ken rain, 'Ken oath, 'Ken hell, 'Ken sheila, 
'Ken drought, 'Ken floods, .... there're actually quite a few others but 
only a maximum of four are ever seen at any one time and they are 
usually to be found brawling at a little known pub called The Criterion 
in Murray St (the main...and for that matter, only...drag) at Woop 
Woop... which is a little town just outside of anywhere and akin to the 
flying dutchman.
I hope all this seems clear.

Mike      Vitesse     Norwich      (formerly    Van den Plas 3500     


Gayle Rauschenberg wrote:

>How did the name Pommy Bashers come about ?
>Fritz R.

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