[ROVERNET - UK] Complete Parts Car in Washington State

Brian & Lori Nordlund ble.nordlund at verizon.net
Sun Feb 19 17:13:23 GMT 2006

I'm not sure if this has been announced before, but the clock is ticking on
this one:

I heard about a TC2000 at a wrecking yard, so I went to check on it
yesterday.  It is indeed there, and it is very complete.  The car is a 1970
TC2000, Arden Green with Buckskin interior, with both teardrop headrests.
It has air conditioning and most of the body panels are straight.  However,
the hood is kinked since the hinges have seized.

I took the water pump pulley (the last part I needed to do my air
conditioning installation), but pretty much everything else is there and in
reasonable shape.

The owner told me that within 6 months he will have it crushed.  He said he
has received some calls from Oregon and California, but nobody has come
through in buying it.  It sounded like most of the interest was from people
thinking of getting it back on the road, because he said the reason these
people ended up not pursuing it was because it no longer has a title.

He also said he wasn't particularly interested in striping parts and
shipping them, since there didn't seem to be enough interest.  However, I
would think that if someone called with a request he might listen.

When I say it is complete, it really is.  However, it has been sitting out
in the weather, has moss growing on it, and some of the rubber, like the
waist seals and the handbrake boot are pretty stiff and cracked.  Although
the interior looked complete and not torn, I would have not risked sitting
in it, thinking the seats might crack.

As a side note, the front bumper has a military permit from an American base
in Greece, so the owner may have bought it there, then shipped it to the

Anyway, the guy might get impatient if he gets too many calls that don't
result in anything, since that seems to be his frustration right now.  But,
this car is much more complete than any parts car I have had or even seen.
>From the looks of it, you could probably tow it with a dolly under the front
wheels, or certainly put it on a trailer.  So, if anyone has the resources
to go get it, you might get a reasonable deal.

The place is "I-5 Auto and Truck Parts", and they are east of Interstate 5,
at Exit 71 (a few miles South of Centralia / Chehalis).  If you know where
the Rush Road exit is, this place is one exit South of Rush Road.  The phone
number is 1-360-262-3550, and a toll free number (maybe NADA only?) is

If you end up with the car, sorry I took your water pump pulley, but I've
got needs too!


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