[ROVERNET - UK] messages in triplicate

Gundry, Kenneth KG at dolby.com
Thu Feb 23 16:44:12 GMT 2006

Thanks for all your comments.  Since the problem developed spontaneously
so to speak and then disappeared again, during a period when I was not
at work (I read this stuff on my work computer) and didn't even turn on
the computer, and during which I don't think any of our company network
people were diddling with our network, I still find it difficult to
believe that the problem was anything to do with the receiving end.
However, it has gone away, for the present at least, so I won't worry
about it! 

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco) 

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Hi ic,
I had a few duplicate messages but it wasn't any bother, nor was it
persistant. There just seemed to be a batch of them, then it cleared, ok
best wishes
--- Eric Russell <p6rovers at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ken,
> I have been approached before with a similar abnormality but as Paul 
> pointed out, it was developed through the user's actions or email 
> operations.
>  I reviewed my inbox in the time frame you provided.
> I didn't receive duplicate messages.  I was wondering if any other 
> member received triplicate messages during that period but no one has 
> responded on that question except for Paul.
> Unless someone/some people report(s) the same experience as yourself, 
> I have nothing to go to the host system administrator with.
> Sorry that you had trouble, but I am confident that it was not a host 
> server glitch.  That is, unless others have the same experience.
> (I can just hear the sys admin voice now :-(
> Eric
> --- "Gundry, Kenneth" <KG at dolby.com> wrote:
> > Eric,
> > 
> > Although you didn't explicitly say so, I take it therefore that in 
> > that period (16-19 February) you did not receive
> messages
> > in triplicate.
> > However, your last sentence implies that the
> problem
> > has been observed
> > before.
> > 
> > I think you are suggesting that one possibility is that anyone with 
> > more than one email address, intending only one to be active for 
> > this forum, may inadvertently have got two or more on the
> list,
> > and therefore
> > received two or more copies of each message.  That makes sense, but 
> > doesn't apply to me since I only have one address, and the problem 
> > corrected itself around noon (Pacific Time) on Sunday, after which 
> > messages arrived singly (and nobody would have
> been
> > around at that time
> > this end to be making changes).  Besides, if that had been the case 
> > the replicated messages would not have been identical; they would 
> > have had different addressees and perhaps different times.
> > Ah, the addressees
> > point is irrelevant since incoming messages from
> the
> > forum don't show
> > the individual recipient's address.
> > 
> > The fact that the problem corrected itself without intervention at 
> > this end points to a mailing list server problem ...
> > doesn't it?
> > 
> > Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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