[ROVERNET - UK] !967 2000TC Interior Question

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Sun Feb 26 19:31:30 GMT 2006

I've got a line on a '67 2000TC in the USA that I haven't been able to
get to see yet because the seller has health problems. I was going to go
without Rovers for a while, but I am tempted because it is supposed to
be a nice original car. It is supposed to be blue with a white interior.
I am guessing that it is Zircon Blue with a white leather inetrior based
on what I have heard.

At the P6 Drivers Club site  http://www.p6club.com/  there is a 1967
2000 Automatic listed for sale. I've never seen a Rover in the USA with
such a bright white interior, but all of the off-white interiors I've
seen have been later cars in vinyl or Ambla. Is this what the white
leather interiors looked like in cars exported to the States, or has
this one been recolored? It looks pretty original.


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