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Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Mon Feb 27 09:53:50 GMT 2006

ET headrests are extremely rare on P6 & P6Bs in Oz, rare on P5Bs but you 
do see them on P5 Mk IIIs here. I can only guess that the distributors 
here chose not to specify them (they certainly make P6s claustrophobic) 
and the ones we do see originally came in on "home delivered" cars. You 
may not be aware that "facelift" or Mk II 3500 automatics were assembled 
in NZ for the Aust & NZ markets from 1971 and all of these had the 
(teardrop style) headrests (a safety requirement) and thinner seats than 
the UK (3500S) cars to enable the mandatory inertia reel seatsbelts to 
fit. Of course Americans don't need to wear seatbelts!

Andrew Egginton
Perth WA

Pjemail at aol.com wrote:

>The ET style headrests were offered for the Mark III 3 Litre and always had the rear seat reading lamps fitted. They were faced in leather and this continued right through the P5 B production run to 1972/3.
>I am not sure whether they were offered for the P6 prior to teh Mark III 3 Litre, but some mor reasearch with the parts catalogues might reveal the answer to this question.
>Initially they had leather coverings, but by the late 60s they had changed to using leathercloth.
>The teardrop style rests were introduced with the NADA 3500S automatic, but for all other markets the ET ones were the usual optional extra until the 1974 season cars came out in late 1973 when the teardrop style ones were fitted as standard to the V8 models.
>Pierre Janusz
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