[ROVERNET - UK] Unique P6s for sale ! ex-works rally, convertible

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Given that the Rally car has had a new shell it does raise the old chestnut
of " what is original". What you are actually getting for your £6000 is probably
some original rally car parts fitted to another shell. In fairness the seller
makes no secret of the fact but unfortunately from my point of view this
is not an 'original' merely a very well prepared replica with many original
parts and carrying the original documentation. I have no doubt I will stir
up a variety of views and opinions but for my money I would want a original,
original not an original replica. I appreciate the shell was rotten and beyond
saving and therefore the only option was a new sheel, and I am genuinely
pleased it has survived in this form, but original!!! Can it honestly be
THE '65 Rally Car? Your opinions and comments
will be viewed with interest.


Alan Francis
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>Two Rover P6 rarities are up for sale !
>See http://www.roverp6.info/sale_wanted.htm
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